The Smart Way To Extract Money From Market Trends

Everyone knows the trend is your friend, but the majority of traders do not know how to consistently ride the trend.

Fx Delta will transform your trading in 2 ways:

Delta phase 1:

Identify strong trends created by financial institutions such as major banks and hedge funds, while distinguishing them from weak or false trends.

Delta phase 2:

Spot the places where the trend is about to continue, or when it is about to reverse.

Get the ultimate 1-click trade signals based on riding market trends,
accompanied with the best risk- reward strategy and accurate timing entry.

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Trade Examples


Below is a table containing entries and exits along with screenshots and trades information, such as entry, stop loss etc. This is the perfect place to see how the trading team, is using the Delta software.

It is really important to mention that NOT all signals generated by the software are tradable. There are clear and specific rules explained in the trading manual and the additional videos that come along with the software. Please make sure to go over these materials before you start trading!

The purpose of the trades below is to demonstrate what setups are acceptable, why they are acceptable and how to handle them. Additional to the table, you can check out the weekly video series covering majority of the examples below with further explanations on the specific situation and setup - HERE

Past success does not guarantee future performance. The trade examples below are not trading advice! The purpose of this table is educational. Trading spot forex, CFDs, futures and other financial assets carries high degree of risk!


About the strategy

FX Delta has been developed and is successfully used both by beginners and experienced traders. The user guide and accompanying video tutorials contain all the background information you should know about the strategy but are certainly not a must if you are not interested in in-depth learning.

The system scans trends in long time-frames , while simultaneously looking for market corrections on short-timeframes. The software algorithm then pinpoints the ideal market entries – the exact places with the highest probability of trend continuation and minimal risk. The algorithm uses volume and momentum along with price action to accomplish the trend identification and is suitable for intra day trading as well as long term trading.

System Components

The Delta System is composed of 2 elements:

Element 1: The Delta Scanner

A quick, efficient visual tool to pinpoint the markets that are currently moving and suitable for trading. All the markets are covered - Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Indices, Cryptocurrencies. This is the first step of the FX Delta trading process.

Element 2: The FX Delta Dashboard - Includes 3 “sub” areas:

  • Navigation – this section provides the general information on where we stand, what we are looking for, and the levels that will validate the setup. In technical terms, here you will find the direction we are looking to trade, the safety range and the validity of the delta pattern on the higher time frames.
  • Trade management - provides useful information such as: target 1 and 2 in pips, risk-reward ratio towards target 1 and 2, and stop loss in pips.
  • 1- click shortcut trade execution buttons – our traders’ favorite part: get effortless 1-click trade alerts that contain Open Market, Set Pending, Close Trade fields.

About Yordan Kuzmanov FX Delta Developer

Yordan has started trading in 2009 when he was looking for an extra income while studying. He went through everything as a beginner: “holy grails”, automated robots and lost money.

Then, he decided to approach trading differently and to look for quality, in-depth Forex education instead of quick solutions.

He has found Vladimir Ribakov’s trading club and systems and things started falling in place. Over the years his trading has improved, and he became a guest trader for Vladimir’s club. Eventually, after completely tansforming his trading results and being consistent for years, he has joined Traders Academy Club as a chief trader.

Yordan has developed his own trading strategy because he wanted a strategy that will suite his needs and personality, and this is how FX Delta was developed in 2016.

Detailed Features

  • Alerts - mobile push + email + mt4 pop ups
  • Video lessons
  • Comprehensive user manual
  • Bonus: Rapid divergence course ebook + webinar
  • Aggressive and conservative setups
  • Shortcut buttons to open/close orders
  • The Delta Pattern- Unique pattern that identifies the market direction
  • Fully customisable layout of the Scanner and trading template
  • Visual trade manager. Order levels are set via horizontal lines - just drag around the chart to adjust targets/stop and entry when pending
  • Possibility to use fixed lots or risk of account.
  • Lot size/risk/volume is adjustable AFTER a signal was given.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use FX Delta as a beginner?

FX Delta is ideal for traders with no or little experience. The comprehensive user guide includes everything you need to know to use the system: installation instructions, how to trade and money management rules.

How can FX Delta be useful if I already use my own strategies?

FX Delta can complement your existing trading strategy by applying additional verification for your existing trades, or by expanding your strategies portfolio. It can be used to find solid directions only, and based on the directions to apply any entry method.

Can I use the system with any broker?

FX Delta should be installed on Metatrader4 platform, which is offered for free by nearly all brokers. If your broker does not offer Metatrader4 platform, you can download a free Metatrader4 platform, use it for analysis and place the trades on your regular trading account.

Will I get help with questions or installation?

Our dedicated support team will assist you with any technical, general or trading related questions you may have. You are welcome to contact us 24/7 .

How much money is required to start trading the FX Delta?

There is no minimum requirement, however it is advisable to start with at least 500-1000 (of your base currency). Of course, at the beginning it is important to practice thoroughly on a demo account.

Does FX Delta work with Crypto Currencies?

Yes, FX Delta works well with FX curency pairs, commodities, stocks and crypto currencies.

How many trades per day/week should I expect?

The average number of trades depends on market conditions since the Delta Pattern relies on volatility and momentum. If you are trading volatile markets, you will get more trading opportunities.

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